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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Do Military

Similar to the post I previously wrote about safari, the military look also sits at the pinnacle of manliness. There is one way to achieve this look. Forget about any thing that is not olive green or brown. Switch your shirt for a tee or sweater, and don't be afraid to wear a pair of leather ankle boots. Leave the suede for safari. Stick with cotton, canvas, and leather. Go buy yourself a military inspired coat. Every fashion powerhouse has had multiple military coats on the runway over the past few years. Don't make a mistake though - this is NOT dress up. You aren't trying to look like Colonel Hoffenheim in the 3rd battalion. You are a well dressed man who occasionally mixes up his look. You will know the limits of your look. At a point if it turns too military and just needs an AK47 slung over your shoulder to complete the look then take a few steps back. Now is your time soldier. 


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