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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Duffle Bag

Everyman in the world needs a duffle bag. Don't call it the man bag because that sounds awful. It's just a bag. With the correct bag a boy can look like a man. Every man should own a few different bags for different occasions, but for travel there is only one that will suffice and that's the duffle. Choose a duffle that is big (not too big) and unstructured. Brown leather always tends to look best. Like a good wine, duffle bags get better with age. A worn in duffle gives an impression of a well traveled no nonsense man. Make a big purchase and spend more than you anticipated because you can spot a good duffle from a mediocre one a mile off. Throw your sweater, iPad, and passport in and you are ready to go. Also, leave the big monograms for the ladies and mass production factories in China and stick with plain leather. Gents, enjoy your new bag. 


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