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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Silk Knit Tie

It's time to make a swap from those classic silk ties to a knitted one. Solid black, navy, and brown always tend to look best, as well as polka dot varieties. A knit tie will give you a European edge and make those shiny-by the-truck-load ties appear as kitsch as a brothel's entrance hall. These ties are sleek, understated, and quite frankly simply look impressive. The majority of knit ties have a squared base and are slightly narrower than regular ties. Do yourself a favor and purchase a knit tie. If you aren't quite brave enough to sport one next time you set foot in the office you should, A- introduce them in alternative settings, or B- stop giving a damn about what anyone thinks. Happy shopping.
Good Brands to start looking at include Hackett, Brioni and Thomas Pink.


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