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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Double Monk Strap

Most men have a decent variety of formal shoes in their wardrobe, at least they should have. Unfortunately the monk strap often seems to evade most collections. The oxford or brogue seem to rule the roost. Deplorably you probably don't own a monk strap. You should. As a matter of opinion I believe the monk strap looks smarter than any other choice of formal shoe. If you take your business life seriously, which I assume you do, then there is no debate that you should always dress on the more formal side rather than suffer the alternative. If the monk strap offers an edge in the formality department then you would be daft not to make this a staple in your shoe collection. Stick with chocolate, mid-brown and black and preferably choose Italian or British makers. Why? Because this isn't a circus of colour and the Italians & Brits know how to get their monk on. Enjoy your new shoes. 


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