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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Puff Fold Pocket Square

To compliment your accomplished collection of sport coats and jackets you need an equally impressive collection of pocket squares. There really is no excuse not to wear a pocket square unless you are wearing a blazer with a crest on the breast pocket. When you slip a pocket square in that pocket you transform your look. The great thing about a pocket square is that you can go wild with patterns and color. Obviously experiment to see whether the square compliments your outfit or tie. Please don't wear matching square and tie. This look is for the men who don't have a clue but think they do. Spend big on squares. Firstly you can see cheap silk from a good distance and secondly you will keep growing your collection for the rest of your life. There is no need to ever dispose of a good quality pocket square. The Fold? The simple puff fold. It is completely effortless but still looks amazing. 


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