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Friday, 21 September 2012

The Shearling Coat

One of the great attributes of cold weather is the fact you can wear a coat. Coats change a man. Walk in  a room in a suit, fine. Walk in a room wearing a suit and a well fitted coat, hell yeah. Today you are going to make the decision to buy yourself a shearling coat. Shearling has had a revival over the last few years with fashion powerhouses. This makes sense. A well fitted shearling coat makes a man look like a man. There is a certain wild 'bearness' and a sprinkle of classic italian Godfather about a shearling coat. These coats are bloody warm, perfect for long winters. I guarantee you will be wearing this coat for the good part of the upcoming decade. Pay for quality and know you will have a winter keeper. Get your bear on.


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