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Friday, 21 September 2012

The Way Jeans Should Fit

Firstly I just want to say how great denim is. Make it a staple of your wardrobe. Far too many men don't know how to wear jeans. The days of popping into you local department store and grabbing the first pair of jeans you see are long over. Buying jeans is a process, but a good one. Good jeans last forever. Here are the two master rules about how the modern well dressed chooses his denim: Firstly, the cut is the most important aspect. You need to buy straight leg or tapered leg jeans. Forget the sleeping bag leg, boot cut or those spray on types the goth kid next door wears. Straight or tapered should fit true to the description, not too wide, and not too tight. Let the break sit at the base of your ankle (you aren't trying to wrap them around your foot and hook onto your big toe, neither are these 3/4 length shorts). Secondly, color is key. Stay away from overly distressed denim. Have a few lighter and slightly distressed pairs, (I mean slightly) but always have a pair of those classic plain navy jeans. Dark blue jeans are irreplaceable. 
Dress your jeans up with a jacket and shirt, as pictured above, or down with a white tee. Remember, leave the patterns and motifs for the rap stars. Hell yeah denim.


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