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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The White Suit

Be very careful with this look. Personally I am not certain how I feel about the white suit. However, If you wear it correctly you can look quite suave. The picture above by Ralph Lauren shows how to do it correctly. Make sure that you buy a well tailored good linen or wool suit. Be weary because this look can go from dapper to rapper very quickly if you aren't careful. My suggestion would be to keep the tailoring on the slimmer side and the hem on the pants at the ankle so that you can show a bit of sock-less ankle. I would always go sock-less here because the white suit should only ever be worn in hot weather. Choose your event wisely to sport this look. Perhaps a summer wedding. Never wear a white shirt with your suit. Stick with variations of blue. Hey, you don't have to live on the French riviera to dress like you belong there.


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