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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Burberry Mac

As I previously posted in my blog, there are certain suits, pairs of shoes, and coats that everyman should have in his wardrobe. One of those coats is the Burberry Mackintosh. A mac is the perfect outerwear piece for when it is chilly but not cold. The biggest attribute of a mac is that it is rain proof. That is why the majority of business men throughout the world's cities will sport a mac when the weather turns. The mac is quintessentially British, therefore offering a classic appeal (the majority of British clothing houses & items are inspired by classics & tradition). A mac should be worn over a suit. That's final. Do not be that guy who tries to dress his mac down. It doesn't work. A mac should be worn formally with no exceptions. Dress your other coats down. Traditionally a mac was made from a laminated rubberized material, hence the fact that it is rainproof. Burberry has brought the mac into modern times with updates to the original and fine tailoring. In many ways Burberry is famous because of the Burberry Mac. Not buying Burberry is like wanting a cola drink and not buying coca-cola. Your mac should be Khaki or beige. Leave the navy and black for other coats in your collection. Do yourself a favor and buy a Burberry Mac soon for when you are heading to the office and Heaven's gates decide to open. Stay dry.


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