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Friday, 5 October 2012

A Suit Everyman Should Own - The Prince of Wales

Gentleman, it is time to add to your suit collection. A suit collection is like fine wine, it gets better as time passes. In the end you end up with a masterpiece of variety and versatility. A necessity for that collection is a glen plaid (Commonly known as Prince of Wales check) suit. It is great to have a balance of dark and light suits but obviously you will want to have more dark varieties then light. For the PoW suit only choose the classic black/grey/white check. There are a many brown variations of the check, but only add those options after you have the classic. With a look that isn't too common, you want the suit to be a more classic fit. If you have four navy suits then you will naturally want 1 or 2 of them to be tailored slightly different to the others. You will probably only have 1 PoW suit at any given time so opt for a classic fit. With this suit only ever wear black shoes. A crisp white shirt will always look best. Finally, with any suit please spend. You can see the difference between a quality suit and a lesser one a mile off. You will also feel better. Prince away.


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