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Saturday, 6 October 2012


Men. Probably the most important shoe in your wardrobe will be the brogue. The reason I say this is because the brogue can be dressed up (with a suit) or down (jeans+tee) equally successfully. I would say the same about the majority of leather loafers but loafers aren't acceptable for business in certain environments. As a basic rule you want all of your brogues to have a wingtip which is considered a full brogue. Brogues are brown. That is what a brogues is, so know that you may not get as much use out of them for business as you will with a pair of black oxfords. Why Berluti? Because firstly Berluti specializes in brown leather. Secondly they are arguably one of the finest men-only shoe and boot makers in the world today. With brogues, as with any shoe formal shoe, you want to spend well. Spending well more often than not means spending relatively big. When you spend well you can almost be certain that the shoe will hold its shape and last. A good pair of brogues can easily endure a few repairs or re-solings. If you can't afford to buy Berluti brogues just remember that you want to spend as much as you can afford on a handcrafted full brown brogue. Enjoy. JB 

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