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Sunday, 7 October 2012


Men, you need to get yourself a gilet for the next winter. A gilet is the perfect item of clothing for incorporating a splash of color into your outfit. I would suggest that you own two gilets at a given time. One made of a synthetic water proof material that has some color, and one that is woolen in a neutral color. The neutral one is to be worn as a layering option for a dressier appearance. The great attribute of a gilet is that it offers a great deal of warmth. On those days when it is a bit chilly use your gilet as building block for creating a layered look. As mentioned above, I would suggest that you buy a primary colored synthetic gilet. There are not many items that a well dressed man will own that contain colors that stand out. A gilet should be one of these items. The gilet pictured is at the limit in the motif department. You don't want a bright colored gilet that ends up looking like a circus. Pair a bright gilet with neutrals, white, and black for great impact. Finally make sure your gilet doesn't have any fur detailing, you aren't a woman. Wear gilets, but more importantly wear color. Don't be boring your whole life. JB 

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