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Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Suit Everyman Should Own - The Wide Chalk Stripe

Over the course of a few decades every man should build a decent suit collection. One of the star pieces in that collection will always be the wide chalk stripe. This suit says, "Tread carefully, I am a serious individual." The wide chalk stripe has a feel of "CEO-ness" about it. If you aren't yet the CEO this is probably what you would expect him to wear. Forget the Mafia jokes when sporting this suit and stand tall and proud. You look damn good. You will never read anything on this BLOG ever about the pinstripe because I loathe them. 99% look like they have been attained from Jeff's suit hire, and every Tom, Dick and Harry in town who doesn't know how to dress, but thinks he does, buys a pinstripe. This has unfortunately tarnished my view of the pinstripe suit despite the fact that I do acknowledge a good one when I see it. Black, navy, and charcoal all look great. Add this suit to your collection soon. 


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