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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Belts and Suits

There is a simple rule that applies to this topic: If the suit pants has belt loops, wear a belt more often than not as a good belt frames the top of the pants very nicely. Hardy Amies agrees with me here and that is all the reassertion I need.
Firstly, always buy a suit with well fitting pants. Holding up suit pants, or any pants for that matter, with a belt is a bad look. If there happens to be a great deal on a suit in a store with a slightly larger waist than that perfect fit, either A- get out of that shop and save your money, or B- find and build a strong relationship with a good tailor. If you already own a number of suits that are too big on the waist and require a belt, get your tailor to do his best job of taking them in. In the case that you have recently lost a large amount of weight and your suit trousers look more like a sleeping bag then give them to your local Salvation Army and go buy new ones. There is only so much a good tailor can do.


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