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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Collar Pin

If there is one thing that a man should be wearing regularly with a suit and tie it is a collar pin. You are probably thinking wearing one is a thing of the past. If that's the case you couldn't be more mistaken. Collar pins have found their way back onto the runways and high street store of the worlds' top designers. If you are looking for that classic clean edge in everyday business attire this is your answer. A collar pin stiffens up your collar base and raises your tie knot (regardless of type) both of which are very good things. Opt for silver, however if you have gold cufflinks a gold collar pin is acceptable. Never wear a tie bar with a collar pin, wear one or the other. You can simply type 'collar pin' in google to find a plethora of online links where you can purchase pins and shirts that support pins. If you own a number of spread collar shirts obviously this isn't an option for you. You will be surprised by how such a small detail can upgrade an entire outfit. You can send me the thank you notes later.


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