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Friday, 21 September 2012

Do Safari

At one point in your life you want to use safari inspired outfits as a casual staple. Why? because it feels damn cool. As a matter of fact start introducing safariesque attire into your wardrobe now. There are a few simple rules about the safari look: Brown's, tan's, and cream's should make up 99% of your clothing color palette. Fabric is important too. Stick with cotton, linen, suede, and canvas. Layering works extremely well and a good long or short sleeve T-shirt should form the base of most outfits. This look shouts manliness. Better yet, it looks completely effortless. You want to go and explore when you wear an outfit like this, I guess in many ways you are what you look like. Maybe grow out your stubble a bit and relax on that hair style... you're on safari now.


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