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Friday, 21 September 2012

The Fisherman Sweater

Men. Add this look to your sweater collection now. The fisherman sweater traditionally has a high crew neck, but this image illustrates a good update on a classic. Fisherman sweaters are always crew neck and are made of a good thick cotton or wool knit. Although there are similarities between this and a regular cable knit, the main differences are that a FS is always crew neck, doesn't have cable knit weaving and the end of the sleeves are often unfinished. Personally I would throw one on you bare chest on a cold Winter's day. That's perfection. You could wear one over a tee if you like. Dress shirts require a finer knit jersey on top in my opinion. The FS is warm and will last forever. Hey, you are reading this blog because you want to be a well dressed man. Well dressed man have variety in their wardrobe. Go find your sea legs.


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