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Monday, 24 September 2012

Glasses Placement

Ok, so now you have bought yourself two of the best sunglasses money can buy thanks to this blog. Now... when they are not on your face where do you put them? This question is a lot more important than you think because this answer should differ on the outfit you are wearing. Rule number one is never ever put you sunglasses or glasses on you head or around your neck unless you are Bear Grylls. When wearing a suit or sport coat hang your glasses on your breast pocket or in the pocket with the arm extending over. These really are your only option because, unless you want to pull out that glasses case and stick them back in your bag (which is a mission), there is nowhere else the glasses won't get damaged. Also, a good pair of glasses next to your pocket square will look great. If you are casually dressed it is permissible to hook them on the neck of your tee or sweater. Alternatively, for a more uncommon option, hook them in the first belt loop on your jeans or pants. Either way a great pair of glasses doesn't only look great on your face. 


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