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Monday, 24 September 2012

The Waistcoat

Go and invest in a few waistcoat separates because you shouldn't separate your three piece suits with great regularity. The overworked waistcoat will start to lose it's shape and hue which is something you ideally don't want with your suit. The waistcoat separate I'm talking about can be any color or pattern. The waistcoat separate is another way of adding a touch of formality to any outfit. You can wear your waistcoat with formal pants and a crisp white shirt, or with well cut jeans and  a crew neck T-shirt. When worn with a T-shirt you get a perfect combination of the formal with the informal. This is a very manly and slightly rebellious look. In decades past waistcoats weren't meant to be worn separately from your suit. Darker waistcoats work well for this look. Dolce and Gabbana are the masters of the waistcoat separate for a European look and similarly Ralph lauren Rugby are for an Ivy league prep look. Men... get yourselves some waistcoats. 


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