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Monday, 24 September 2012

The White Sneakers

Gentleman, you need to get yourself a good pair of low profile white tennis sneakers. Understandably you could assume that white shoes should be left for the gym and tennis court. However, a plain white low profile sneaker is a great addition to the shoe collection. Why? Well firstly there are days when even the most formal of men feel like throwing on a pair of sneakers for a casual Saturday. Secondly, white is versatile and this is the only pair of shoes that are white you are ever allowed to own. A good white sneaker actually looks better the more worn it looks. You don't want your sneakers to shine like Heaven's entrance forever. This is only acceptable for a week or two while they are brand new. The best choice is canvas or leather with a rubber sole. If you really want to push yourself a bit try wearing these champs with a more formal outfit to give you an edge. Either way you need a pair of these and they are relatively inexpensive. Get sneaking. 


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