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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Men's Bracelets

In the past you would only wear a bracelet if you were unsure of your sex or were 5 years old. Things have changed. Let me be perfectly clear. There are bracelets and then there are bracelets. You should only ever wear the later. The later have some specific qualities. A bracelet should be primarily constructed of leather or solid beads (check David Yurman) and have a small clasp or pendant. You can play with colour here. The braided bracelet pictured above is by Tod's but you will find many high end designers and jewelers have great options too. Never wear more than two and only on one wrist at any given time (preferably watch wrist). If you are well dressed and have a discreet bracelet on you will look great. Not so much if you look like a bum or skateboarder. Get your bracelet on.


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