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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Forget The Socks

If there is one truth about life you can be certain of it is that French and Italian men rarely wear socks. French and Italian because historically they are the pioneers of chic style. This trend has found its way around the globe in recent decades. As a basic rule always go sock-less with when wearing shorts and occasionally when wearing loafers. If you feel you brogues and oxfords still require a sock that's ok, but even brogues and oxfords can be worn sock-less. You will always find die hards who believe an outfit is not considered 'smart' if sock-less but you can tell these sock warriors to go finish drying their laundry. One thing is for certain; going sock-less feels fresher, cooler, and lighter. Make sure to invest in some good foot powder and give you shoes a regular sprinkle. Take that money you save on socks and treat your better half to a good dinner.


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