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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Shawl Collar Cardigan

There should be one staple in your Winter/Autumn weekend attire and that's the shawl collar cardigan. Shawls are always a good thick knit ideal for when that shirt is not enough and that coat is too much. Shawl collar cardigans have had a revival on the runways and with celebrities in the past few years. If you don't own a few already, wake the hell up. There is a comfort you get from wearing a shawl only rivaled by new cotton sheets in your bed. Add the fact that every European man who has dressed well has owned many, and you have a winner. Save your shawl for those cooler weekends away and pair with some good jeans or chinos. The shawl looks good worn over a shirt, polo, or plain T-shirt. Stock up before the next cool weather arrives. Listen, if they are good enough for James Bond then they will be just fine for you. Promise. 


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