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Friday, 21 September 2012

Patterned Socks

It's time to start wearing patterned socks. I am assuming you currently primarily wear black socks or occasionally going sock-less. If you are wearing Bart Simpson socks or white socks outside of the gym, then you need to stay on this blog forever. Colourful patterned socks make a big statement, and a very good one if done right. Paul Smith seems to be the king of Patterned socks at the moment, and Falke/Pantherella are the king of solid colourful ones. All I can say is explore. Mix up patterns depending on what outfit and colour scheme you are wearing. There are fewer things that make a boring charcoal suit come to life better than a good pair of patterned socks peeping out from your ankle. Unfortunately good patterned socks are quite expensive when you realise that you are actually buying a pair of socks. It is worth it though. If everyone had the mindset that you shouldn't splurge on the unnecessary then everyone would be driving around in a Toyota Cressida.


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