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Friday, 21 September 2012

The Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

You cannot look fresher on a hot summers day than when wearing a Ralph Lauren polo and good shorts. The polo has become the token for Ivy League prep. The polo literally should make up 50% of your summer holiday and weekend wardrobe. Choose light pastel colours on the hot days and black, dark grey, navy and brown in the evening. You might think polo at night? I don't know about that. If that is the case then you haven't experienced summer nights over 30 degrees. When you do, you will want to wear a polo. Yes, a linen shirt works well for for this if you are going for a more European look. If you want American prep, choose a polo. Make sure it is well fitted (Ralph Lauren and Lacoste have slim/fitted fit options) and pair with any well fitted bottoms. hell go naked on the bottom if you like.


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