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Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Bowtie

There is something quite special about a man who wears a bow tie other than when necessary (black/white tie). There is no need to highlight the sophistication a bow tie offers a man's overall appearance. You do not want to wear a bow tie with any outfit other than ones that fall on the formal side. This does not mean you need to wear a three piece suit, however it does mean that you must give your jeans and sneakers a miss unless you want to look like a a hipster. Buy a good combination of silk and wool bows and a good variety of colours/patterns. You don't need to own a truck load. A handful of good bow ties is really all you need. This look creates an overall British gent/Ivy League appearance. Make sure to have a paisley and polka dot bow in your collection. As for the rest it is up to you. Lastly, never wear a plain black or white bow for any thing other than black and white tie respectively. Ralph Lauren Rugby and Hackett make excellent day bows. For excellent online variety go to Mr porter . Choose color, choose patterns, choose variety in fabric. Enjoy. 


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