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Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Oxfords

Gentleman, there is nothing more important in your overall appearance than the shoes you wear. Shoes are the great separator of men. It probably comes as no surprise to you that oxford shoes should be the ringleader of your business footwear department. However, you get oxfords and you get oxfords. Yours will fall into the later department every single time. How do you make sure you achieve that? Simple. When you buy you spend big. Im not suggesting that you break the bank, but realize that good hand crafted leather shoes last many years. You want your oxfords to be Italian or British. You want your oxfords to be sleek and minimalistic. Choose dark brown over black the majority of the time and take care of them. For business purposes, your shoes can never be too well kept. The pair pictured are arguably the kings of the oxfords. The John Lobb City II. John Lobb is one of the finest shoe and boot makers the world has ever seen. Classic British, and unrivaled in quality. When you wear a John Lobb oxford, you look like you are wearing a John Lobb oxford. With shoes and watches only settle for the best. Choose the John Lobb City II oxfords. 


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