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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Otis Batterbee

Every man who travels needs a set of travel pouches and a wash bag. These are items that are very seldom bought and, if looked after, last many many years. Otis Batterbee is a British luxury gifts and travel accessories brand. There are certain items of clothing and accessories where it is best to forget the major labels and look for style of a more discreet nature. A wash bag is one item where this discretion should be exercised. Batterbee superbly crafts their ranges with the finest materials and every item encompasses what every true man wants; quality, style, and simplicity. Across the ranges, Batterbee offers a variety of color and pattern. My personal favorite is the 'grey pinstripe' (above), but other brilliant choices include Prince of Wales, Harris Tweed, and Mono Spot. Being a well dressed/stylish man is very often about the small things. Otis Batterbee has you covered in the 'small travel things department and make no mistake, you won't get better. Choose Otis Batterbee. Be a cut above. 


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  1. Awesome blog! more men should stay connected to proper style. Glad I found your blog.