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Monday, 1 October 2012

The Duffle Coat

Here in the Northern Hemisphere temperatures are dropping and winter is rolling in. When the cold hits you need to make sure you own 2-3 coats and the same amount of jackets. No more. Given that this outerwear collection is relatively small you need to ensure that it offers versatility and variety. Here is one coat that checks both boxes; the duffle coat. The classic duffle offers versatility because it can be dressed up or down equally well, and variety because it will bear no resemblance to any other item of outerwear you own. A classic duffle coat is called a duffle because it is made from duffle. What a revelation! Two great qualities of duffle wool are; A- it will keep you incredibly warm, and B- it is relatively water proof. A good quality DC will last an eternity, and even when well worn a duffle will keep its shape and will look great. Your first choice for a duffle should always be camel. The British Navy, the pioneers of the duffle, first issued this coat in camel. Pay some tribute. Your only other two options should be navy or black. As with any 'investment' (an item used for many years) item of clothing you must spend a lot once, then you can rest assured that you will have a quality item for many years to come. If you want to go buy yourself a duffle coat today head straight for Burberry. Burberry has perfected the modern duffle with superb shape and details. In the cold make sure you rotate your outerwear quite regularly. Firstly so that items wear equally. Secondly because you will keep your appearance looking varied. Regardless of your existing outerwear collection, make sure the duffle coat is in there somewhere at all times. Men... duffle up. 


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