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Monday, 1 October 2012

The Zip Neck Sweater

There are days when you are bored of wearing your V neck sweaters but still feel a fine knit sweater is necessary. On those days you will wear a zip neck sweater. A zip neck sweater simply offers variety to your wardrobe. A zip neck works best with a shirt underneath, so leave the tees for your other sweaters. The truth is that a zip neck offers a fair amount of sophistication to your appearance. We aren't entirely sure why but it's a fact. The most probable reason in that the zip neck is often worn by slightly older men who favor it over other necks because it is slightly more comfortable. The real secret to being a finely dressed gentleman is always having variety in your appearance while retaining an overall classic image. The zip neck should be a feature in your knitwear collection and utilized often. You probably will own fewer zip necks than other variations in your closet so make sure the ones you own are fairly neutral in color so can be worn with most outfits. As I previously posted, John Smedley is the king of fine knitwear so look to them first. If you are looking to really spoil yourself Loro Piana makes a literally perfect zip neck. Pair your zip neck with an oxford shirt, blazer, chinos, and loafers. You will be well layered, but more importantly damn well dressed. Own zip necks. Be a cut above. 


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