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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Suede Jacket

The truly great attribute of any piece of outerwear is that if you buy well you will have the item for many years to come. As you have probably come to know, I am a great advocate of spending relatively big when purchasing investment items. Every single piece of outerwear is an investment piece so spend big. In the jacket department, you need a well fitted brown suede jacket. Keep the length no longer than the waist on your trousers. You do not want any form of ribbing on the collar or cuff (this is not a bomber). Keep zips to a minimum, and NEVER have any form of motif on the jacket. Because a suede jacket is not too warm, this is the perfect item to layer under. You can dress a suede jacket up with trousers, a shirt, and brogues, or down with jeans and a tee. I personally would choose one with a collar like the one pictured above. This gives you  bit of warmth around the neck if necessary but more importantly it allows the jacket to be dressed up. I suggest that you own a leather as well as a suede jacket in your collection at all times. This will be only item in your wardrobe that is entirely suede thus offering great contrast to whatever other materials you may be wearing. Choose big Italian labels, because the Italians are the masters of leather & suede outerwear. Finally, never choose this jacket with any form of fur or wool lining. Leave that for aviator style jackets. Simple linen or silk linings are the only options. Gentlemen, you will really enjoy this.


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