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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Cartier Love Bracelet

Previously I wrote that a well dressed man should only ever be wearing a signet ring, wedding band, watch, and cufflinks in the metal jewelry department. To every rule there are one or two exceptions. This is one of them. Cartier love is a range with almost matching pieces for him and her. Next time you want to spoil your loved one go treat yourselves to a set of Cartier Love bracelets to affirm your passion. The bracelet comes in yellow, white, and pink gold. Regardless of preference, they are all great options. The bracelet is masculine and thin so it is by no means 'blingy'. This piece will compliment your watch well, so only ever wear it on your watch wrist. It is a pity about the gorilla arms pictured above, but he has done a great job of combining with his timepiece. Always spend big on any form of jewelry. You don't want that signet melting into your skin when the temp hits 30. Cartier is the king of fine accessories and leather goods. Choose this as your only metal bracelet you ever own. 


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