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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Men, there is more to casual life than jeans and chinos. Today we will take a look at a wardrobe essential; the corduroy. Corduroy pants offer a certain sophistication. Wearing corduroys in the past was left to the elder British gent. However, you can wear this look with a modern cut and still keep a feel of the country gent. Corduroys are thicker than most pants you are used to so I would suggest saving these when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Similarly to the chino, you can really build a great collection of color variety. You will want black and variations of brown to dominate but don't be opposed to maroon, navy, or even orange and green. It is preferable to rather be a bit dressier with the corduroy, so leave the tee alone and throw on an oxford. The corduroy is unfortunately overlooked far too often but now is the time for that to end. Check out Ralph Lauren Rugby, Gant, and Hackett


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