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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Winter Head

When the temperature drops below the bearable limit you need to keep your ears snug. You could wear ear muffs but you aren't 3 years old. Your only viable option is a good knitted woolen beanie. Regardless of how formal you outfit is, a beanie will work. Stop being a girl and worrying about your hair. Real men get good haircuts so even if your hair is a bit roughed up that's ok. Never buy beanies with logos or motifs on them. Keep them plain and primarily grey, black, and navy. Have a variety of thick knits as well as finer ones. Always buy your beanies on the big side rather than the small. Nothing looks worse than a man donning what appears to be a swimming cap from the distance. You want to clean them fairly regularly because unfortunately they build an odd smell over time. This is one of the few items where buying cheap is just as good as expensive. You won't be wearing this item too regularly so this is not a case of quality lasts. Men, don't let your ears suffer anymore. Buy some beanies. 


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