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Friday, 28 September 2012

The Daks Scarf

Gentleman, it is time to add a new scarf to your collection. You need a classic Daks check wool/cashmere blend scarf. Although the check is similar to the Burberry check, leave the Burberry check for your better halves and the world of Chinese mass production. Daks is the epitome of classic British style. If there are two things that the Brits have perfected it is suit tailoring and fine accessories. Scarves and pocket squares are two items that allow you to add some interesting pattern and flare to an outfit. Because the scarf is quite bold, create balance by wearing it with neutral solid colours. You don't want a busy outfit because you will end up looking like a circus ring master. Scarves look great if dressed up or down. Use the same rules for dressing down and wear a relatively neutral outfit, making your scarf the focal point. Either way, your scarf collection should have a combination of neutral colours and bold patterns. In the bold department, the classic Daks check is a must have. Men, bring some Brit into your life.


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