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Friday, 28 September 2012

Dark on Dark

There is a certain panache about a man who can wear dark on dark well. There are a few rules to follow to wear this look well. Choose hues of grey every time. It is important to choose a dark shirt that doesn't exactly match your suit color. Everyone has done matching black on black; this is that versions bigger and more stylish brother. When choosing a tie opt for a different colour to your suit and shirt. If you have chosen a charcoal suit & grey shirt look to use a navy, black or maroon tie. Your pocket square should be predominantly dark, but this is the one item that can include some brighter color. It is probably more suited to wear a dark combo in cooler weather, you don't want to be a walking pizza oven. Gents, go buy yourself some dark shirts that work with the suits that you own. Follow these rules and you will be one of the only men who knows how to pull off dark on dark properly. Show your darker side.


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