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Friday, 28 September 2012

What You Need To Know About Gloves

Gentlemen, if you don't own a pair of leather gloves then that will be your next purchase for when winter rolls around. I don't mean any leather gloves. Your leather gloves first and foremost must be sleek and well fitted. Any glove that is bulky will feel terribly unnatural and make you feel like you just hopped off a ski lift. Make sure your gloves are simple as possible. You really don't need any form of elaborate stitching or design anywhere near you gloves. Any form of studs or zips is not an option unless you are a hell's angel. If you are, then you are reading the wrong blog. Varieties of brown are by far the most appealing in my opinion, but if you need black go for it. Also don't be afraid of suede gloves, however leather ones will wear better. Again to reiterate... if brown is not your thing then black is your only other option, period. Ideally your gloves should have a soft warm cashmere lining. Men please buy well, you only will have a handful of good gloves in your lifetime. Also, you can see cheap leather or suede a mile off. Just because the weather takes a turn for the worst, your well dressed appearance doesn't have to. 


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