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Monday, 24 September 2012

The King of The Gym

If you have been a regular follower of this blog, which for your own benefit you should be, then you are enjoying the benefits of being sharper dressed than ever before. That's perfect, but don't let your stylish self go to the dump yard when you hit the gym. Those cruddy running shoes and that off white vest you have had for years have to go. To master the art of being a well dressed modern man in the gym you need to mix both tech and classics into your gym wear. Don't be that guy kitted out from head to toe in the latest nike wear because you are not a world-class athlete (if you are then hats off to you). Neither do you want to be the guy who looks like he should be sitting in a snooker hall. Find a good balance. Generally you want to spend a decent sum on some good big name sports brand shoes. Nike, adidas etc. From there on combine. Remember black and grey ALWAYS looks best in the gym so try and make those your dominate colors. Most of the sports branded tech stuff is great. For the classics you want to include some comfy sweatpants, a few cotton hoody's, and some plain crew neck tees. Go sweat. 


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