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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Suit Everyman Should Own - The Flannel

Gentleman, here is another essential addition to your suit collection. Flannel suits encompass everything British and classic about menswear. A flannel suit is your answer to those cold Winter days. Flannel is heavier and thicker than most of suits you are probably used to. This is not an option on a warm day. Flannel suits show that you care about your image. Most men will never own a warmer Winter suit in their lives and stick with that same all year round suit they always have. A man who wears flannel shows he doesn't just throw on any outfit he can find. The majority of well dressed European and British men will only wear flannel on a cold day. When buying flannel for the first time make grey or charcoal your first choice. These are the poster boys of the flannel suit. Build from there on. Don't be that idiot freezing in the cold if you take your coat off and wear flannel. 


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