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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wear Cufflinks

I cannot be stress enough that every single dress shirt you own and wear with a suit MUST be double cuff. There is no excuse to ever not wear cufflinks with a suit. Cufflinks are the small difference that makes the difference. Sure, maybe you take an extra two minutes in the morning getting dressed, but if everything in life was about convenience life would pass us by dismally. If you aren't wearing a suit then you don't need to wear a double cuff, but remember that double cuffs can upgrade any outfit. Try your very best to match your cufflinks with the color metal on your watch/tie bar. Even to an extent try to match with your belt and loafers. This is by no means necessary but does look crisp. Buy expensive cufflinks always. You will have them forever and one day give them to your son. Good cufflinks never go out of fashion. Leave the jewels and bling for the rappers and poker players and stick with classics. Cuff up. 


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