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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The RL67 Safari Chronograph

It is that time again. You are about to add to your watch collection. Everyman needs a rugged watch. This is the watch that scales the world with you. It can take a batting but will always looks great. It is reliable and swiss made. Here it is... The RL67 Safari Chronograph. This watch is the real deal. In recent years Ralph lauren has created timepieces that rival the best in the industry. The Safari chronograph epitomizes everything that is man. The matte finished bezel and canvas strap make this watch a hardy companion. There really is no reason when you are wading through that jungle river that you can't do so in style. This watch also make the perfect companion for jeans and a tee,  but leave this one in the drawer for more formal wear. Ok, so it is quite a lot to spend on a watch that can't really compliment a more formal outfit with so you would probably say it is not very versatile. You would be right. However this watch is a damn rock star. Canvas up. 


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