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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Wool Tie

The truth is that it is often the small things that separate a well dressed man from the masses. Previously I posted about silk knit ties and the benefit to your appearance they provide. Today we are looking at the wool tie. 99% of the world's men will never own any other tie than a solid or striped silk one. You won't fall into that percentile. A wool tie offers a neutralness that silk ones don't. Because of the lack of shine a wool tie offers, this item will stand out far more than you could ever imagine. It will stand out for the right reasons (not because there is a naked Bart Simpson printed on your tie). This tie also shows that a man cares about his appearance. You wouldn't own a woolen tie if you haven't spent time searching for one. As a general rule leave your woolen tie for cooler weather and wear it with a thicker wool/flannel suit or sport coat. Dark colors are your only option so go for black, navy, maroon, and brown. Yes brown. There is much Italian winter charm about this tie so get your Italian on. 


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