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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Mulberry Laptop Sleeve

I assume that every man, or woman, reading this blog owns a laptop. Hopefully that laptop is a Mac. Macs are better and that's final. In this case you need something to protect that laptop with. This is the king of all laptop sleeves. The Mulberry 'Drew' laptop sleeve. A laptop sleeve is something that you will probably only purchase a couple of times in your life. Because of the infrequency you need to buy well. Mulberry is a British brand that specializes in accessories and fine leather goods of the finest quality. When buying a laptop sleeve you should be buying fine leather, and you should be buying neutral. This sleeve ticks both boxes. Small details make a man. This is the only sleeve you should consider buying. The next time you slip your laptop out of you duffle/briefcase in one of these it won't go unnoticed. Choose Mulberry.


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