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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Roll Neck Sweater

There are certain items in your wardrobe that truly embody sophistication. This is one of them. A fine knit roll neck, when worn well, separates men. This is an item that can't be dressed down. You need to wear a sport coat, jacket, or more formal 3/4 coat for the roll neck to work. You don't need to go out and buy truck loads. Annually when winter rolls around buy yourself 1 or 2 new roll necks and this should suffice. Because of the nature of the sweater obviously only wear this when the weather turns. If you aren't fond of scarves (you should be fond of scarves) then this is a good alternative for keeping you neck warm. Like any sweater you don't want this to be skin tight. Choose a tailored but comfortable fit. Buy expensive sweaters because firstly they last longer, secondly they look better, and thirdly they feel better. As I previously blogged, John Smedley is the king of fine knitwear so that should be your first stop. It is very important to have a versatile but sophisticated wardrobe. You need this. 


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