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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Velvet Slipper

Gentleman, we have arrived. This shoe is my current personal favorite and very soon will probably be yours. the shape of the velvet slipper is perfect. In essence a sleek loafer for the king of the manor. You feel very good about yourself when you slip these on. The VS is no longer strictly limited to evening dress. You can wear these anytime you are dressed semiformal or evening. There is such a great variety of colours that look good to spoil you for choice. Black, navy, purple, maroon to name a few. The majority of velvet slippers will have a motif on the front. These motifs are primarily Ivy League and British aristocracy inspired. A personal favourite is the Ivy League skull and bones. This originates from the secret society at Yale University. Ralph Lauren truly knows how to make a velvet slipper so start there. Gents slip on your velvets and go look like a bad ass.


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