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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The V-Neck Sweater

The majority of men own a hand full of fine knit sweaters. However, most have probably purchased some decent V-neck sweaters over the years. It's an item that is tough to get wrong Very few items in your wardrobe will be worn as often as your v-neck sweaters so keep a decent collection at all times. Use this picture as a perfect guide to the depth of the V and the cut of the sweater. You want your sweater to be well fitted but by no means tight. If you can afford cashmere then buy cashmere. Nothings looks and feels better. Look to brands like John Smedley or Loro Piana.  Otherwise if you aren't trying to break the bank buy pure wool or sea island cotton. Most high street labels offer multiple varieties at decent price ranges. Think Gap. You will wear you sweater bare chested, over Tee-shirts, and over casual/formal shirts (my best look). Also buy yourself a plethora of colours. Pastels as well as 'harsher' tones are perfect. This is one of the items of clothing that you own where colour is your friend. This is a good look men. 


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