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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Seersucker Suit

When Summer rolls around get yourself a seersucker suit. I cannot stress enough how great a well tailored SSS looks on a hot day. Seersucker's are light and airy so you will feel relatively cool all day. Unfortunately being well dressed is not about pure comfort however the seersucker ticks both boxes. For that American Ivy League look pair with a sleek pair of boat shoes and an oxford. Go European with some loafers (never with socks gentleman) and a linen shirt. The light blue stripe seersucker is best if you are a first time buyer. Cream and red stripe are also excellent. These really are the only other options to ever buy after your light blue. If you want a summer wedding winner then men you have arrived. I would say go get your suck on, but that sounds bloody awful. 


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