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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Oatmeal Jacket

A necessity for your collection of jackets is the oatmeal jacket. You could just use the jacket from your oatmeal suit, but rather don't separate your suits and just go buy one. Damn this is a good look. For me the OJ is at its best when combined with jeans, black tie and light blue shirt. Don't ask why. It is just a fact of life! In terms of composition I would stay away from wool and go with cotton or linen. Lighter toned clothes don't work too well in winter as a rule so that is why a lighter weight more unstructured composition suits. Ryan Reynolds has definitely become the name associated with this look so if you are still unsure do some googling to see just how great it can be.Next time you want to a add a jacket or sport coat to your wardrobe get an oatmeal jacket. Enjoy. 


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