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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Moncler Down

The Moncler down puffer is the king of puffers. If you are in the market for a down jacket then look no further than Moncler. Moncler has dominated the world of puffer jackets for a while now. If you are heading to a ski resort you love you need a good down. You probably are happy with a traditional tech ski jacket on the slopes... so am I, however when you are hanging around outside the ski lodge be the best dressed man and throw a MP on. Moncler has a great variety in terms of color. Black is always best but navy is great too. Listen, this is a bomber puffer jacket so please don't buy one that sits much lower than your belt buckle. Rather buy on the big side than not because you probably will have a layer or two underneath. This jacket is warm, so unless it's damn cold then don't wear it. Gentleman, buy a Moncler this winter.


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