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Monday, 8 October 2012


Gentleman, it is time to upgrade your trousers department. I have previously posted that an unbelievable cold weather fabric option is wool-flannel. Flannel is thicker then most and therefore warmer. The trousers I have picked today are the Slowear Incotex slim-fit wool-flannel trousers. Slowear is an Italian group that comprises of four different labels for different items of clothing. Incotex is the trousers department. The trousers are crafted using only the finest materials and have a well tapered cut that creates a sleek silhouette. The trousers are a versatile grey/dark navy that will work with any outfit. Personally I would wear the trousers with a well fitted crisp cotton shirt, a brown cashmere sweater on top, and a pair of brown suede chelsea boots for an impeccably chic winter look. Dress well. JB 

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